International Insurance

International insurance

Our international insurance services help companies, families and individuals secure protection in the event of medical emergencies, untimely death, and other high risk exposures that are inherent to traveling to certain parts of the world.

We work with specialty carriers that offer life insurance protection to families and business in case if unexpected death as well as global medical insurance with a network of hospitals, doctors and providers around the world.

Our office in The Woodlands, TX allows us to serve clients face to face in many cases, as they travel to, from or trough Houston, an international hub.

International Life Insurance
Life insurance for international clients

International Life Insurance

This international life insurance program provides you global coverage in the event of death and is offered by a highly rated U.S. life insurance company. It is available to non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. residents. Most policies are issued at standard risk, no preferred or ultra-preferred classes available. You may be eligible for this program if you travel to the U.S. for business or vacation or you have recently moved to the U.S. There are 3 minimum requirements in order to apply for international life insurance coverage:

  • Must have a financial or business link to the U.S., which may include real estate, bank accounts, investment account, etc.
  • Application and paperwork must be signed while in the in the United States.
  • Paramedical must be done while  in the U.S. by a medical examiner (at no cost to you).

No Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number is required in order apply and obtain coverage.

International Medical Insurance
Global medical coverage for international clients

International Medical Insurance

If you are traveling to or live outside the U.S., most likely, you will need international medical insurance that covers not only medical emergencies, but also routine healthcare, and well as medical evacuations and political evacuations, for you and you family.

We represent a highly rated U.S. insurance carrier that serves international clients worldwide, including individual, families and business with employees overseas.

If the U.S. is not your country of residence, yet you spend time on U.S. soil, we have medical coverage available to you that offer global medical coverage, including the U.S.

Let ‘s find coverage that fits your needs