Employee Benefits for Small Business

As a small business owner, having solid employee benefits is not only good for your small business, but it is also a sound strategy for your own personal financial stability.

We are a small firm that specializes in working with small groups, from 5 to 500 employees. We offer assistance with plan design on qualified health plans (major medical), dental, vision, voluntary benefits, life and disability insurance; as well as self-funded benefits.

Health Insurance for Small Business

You may offer a choice of plan to your employees, including dental and vision while keeping billing easy and simple. We assist you in selecting, offering, implementing, and servicing your plan with the personal attention everyone in your business deserves.

Life and Disability Insurance

Most people are uninsured or under-insured for life and disability. Life and disability insurance replaces the employee’s income and protects the family in the event of death or disability due to illness or an accident. Many employers offer some life insurance coverage at no cost and share the disability premium cost.

Cafeteria Plan

The design and implementation phase includes the installation of a cafeteria plan (section 125 of the IRS Code) at no cost to the employer. A section 125 plan, commonly known as a cafeteria plan, allows payment of benefits on a before-tax basis, bringing tax saving to both employees and employer.

Voluntary Benefits

These are employee-paid benefits that are made available through the employer and can be selected during enrollment. These are indemnity policies that cover a range of risks: hospitalization, critical illness (cancer, tumors, heart), accidents, etc. These additional benefits help employees with their out of pocket expenses on their medical insurance.

Bilingual Enrollment Services

Communication with your employees and education about the employee benefits available to them is essential to their participation in the program. The state of Texas is 37% Hispanic, the U.S. is 16% Hispanic. We are ready to educate your employees about their benefits in Spanish too so everyone is informed and your company meets the participation requirements set by the ACA.

Self-Funded Benefits

Employers with stable and predictable annual revenues (income) may benefit from a self-funded benefits program that eliminates premiums to insurance companies and gives more control on plan design and cash. The business is protected by a stop-loss policy that covers services beyond what is forecast.

New small group plans may start at any point in time in the year. Offer plan choice, see if your company qualifies for Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

Let ‘s find coverage that fits your needs