Insurance for Events

Insurance for Events -concerts

Protection for The Unforeseen, When You Plan Your Event.

Insurance for events vary greatly depending on the event, a concert, festival, sports event, to name a few.

Planning your event takes time, effort and money. What if things do not go as planned. We got your back with our Special Event Insurance.

For a variety of reasons your event may not go as planned. Unexpected changes and developments can have severe financial consequences for your business.

Protect your event and your organization with event liability insurance for occurences that are beyond your control, including:

    • Violent weather and floods
    • Transportation delays of critical equipment
    • Faulty equipment
    • Fire
    • Event participants causing damage

Such events can affect your vendors, your artists and talent, and attendees. Protecting you organization against claims of losses from others involved in the event is an essential part of a solid event planning strategy.

While you plan your event to go smoothly, let us worry about the insurance for your and protect you against what can go wrong.

Insurance for Events Concerts, Conventions, Sports and Special Events

    • Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – limits to $5M each occurrence / $5M aggregate available
    • Spectator Liability
    • Personal Injury Liability
    • Abuse and Molestation coverage available
    • Liquor Liability coverage available
    • Sort term or annual policy options provided
    • Owned, Hired and Non-Owned
Umbrella/Excess Liability
    • High Excess Limits available for both short term and annual events
Event cancellation/ weather
    • Cancellation options available based upon Gross Revenue and Budgeted Expense
    • Weather insurance for Snow, Rain and Wind available
    • Protection for both rented and owned equipment
    • Worldwide coverage available
Participant Accident Insurance
    • Accidental Death / Dismemberment and Medical Expense 
    • Broad appetite for special events including sports
Workers Compensation
    • Ability to offer coverage in all States. Include Voluntary Compensation for qualified risks

Safety and Security

Insurance for Event -Terrorism, Malicious Acts and Active Shooter

History has taught us that we are not exempt from random acts of violence when we are out enjoying a concert or event. To help your organization cope, survive and recover from a malicious or random act of violence we offer coverage for Terrorism, Threat of Malicious Acts and Active Assailants.

We offer Combined Crisis Cover which offers up to $35 million annually for loss or liability in the event of, or even the threat of, malicious or terrorist acts that disrupt an event or insured location.

Under our program you may claim a Business Interruption (BI) loss even if no physical property damage occurred, when the loss was caused by a threat.

The CCC program was created by Take1 Insurance as a Coverholder of Lloyd’s, and was designed especially for the Live Entertainment and Sports industries.


Insurance for events
Combined Crises Cover Includes:
    • Active Shooter property damage, business interruption and bodily injury
    • Terrorism property damage and business interruption
    • Threat(s) of Malicious Acts
    • Liability resulting from an Active Shooter or Terrorism incident
No Government Determinations or Thresholds Apply:
    • CCC does not require a Treasury Department determination of a terrorist act, unlike the widely available TRIPRA, which also has a difficult-to-achieve $5 million minimum insurance loss threshold
Insurance for events by type:
    • Event Planners/Producers/Promoters
    • Event Service Firms (Equipment Rental, Audio/Visual Production and Installation)
    • Film/Television/DICE Production (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial and Educational)
    • Touring Entertainers
    • Fairs and Festivals
    • Special Events
    • Venues/Stadiums
    • Theater/Staging
    • Gaming/Casinos
    • Shell Corporations

It can also apply to many other industries and business types. Simply call us for consideration. 

For more information on active shooter incidents in the U.S. from 2000 to 2018 visit the FBI website

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