Risk Management

Together we work on the integration of various components of risk management (strategic risk, resilience, insurance, crisis management, security, HS&E, IT-disaster recovery), providing the basis for risk governance.

At Nolasko, we believe that companies can exercise governance that adds value without a negative impact on resources.

At the heart of Integrated Risk Management is enhanced coordination and communication between groups. The ultimate goal is to avoid duplication of effort and enhance how your organization prepares for, responds to and recovers from adverse events.

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In working with you to design an integrated risk program, our focus understanding your requirements based on the industry, company size, geographical footprint and future growth plans.

There are core components to any risk program and our mission to work with you and determine what makes sense right now, at your current state, while positioning with a model that can be scaled up as you grow to your future state.


  • CRO (Chief Risk Officer ) Outsourcing
  • Current State Assessment – Existing Governance Structure
  • Risk Governance Structure Development
  • Risk Governance Structure Enhancement
  • Risk Register Development
  • Company-wide (Enterprise) Risk Assessment
  • Risk Appetite Workshop
  • Integrated Risk Stakeholder Tests & Exercises
  • Complete Risk Management Program Assessment
  • Integrated Risk Management Training

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