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Insurance for oil and gas companies

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The demands of today’s oil & gas industry requires as much expertise from your insurance specialist as your customers demand from you. Our EnergyGuard™ line of insurance solutions makes it easy to manage risk from upstream to midstream, from operators & service companies to equipment manufacturers and transport companies.


Our team has over 25 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and understands the complexity of managing risks in the field. We are a Texas based independent insurance agency, serving the energy sector statewide. With our easy on-boarding process, and personalized claim management, we will be with you every step of the way.


    • Control of Well
    • Building and structures
    • Business income
    • Inventory and equipment


    • General Liability & Auto
    • Professional Liability 
    • Excess Liability 

Pollution/ Environmental 

    • Site Pollution Liability 
    • Contractor’s Pollution Liability 
    • Time Element/ Sudden & Accidental


    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Employee Benefits 


    • Inland Marine/ Specialty Equipment 
    • Contractor’s Equipment 
    • Lifting Operations Coverage 

Owners/ Operators

    • Railroad Commission Bonds
    • Control of Well

Oil & Gas Industry-Specific Coverages

These property and casualty insurance lines of coverage are very specific to the Oil & Gas industry. Here is a brief summary.

Control of Well Insurance

Control of well is a specialized coverage available to Oil & Gas well operators, also known as Operators Extra Expense. It covers the cost of regaining control of a wild well, cleaning up of any resulting pollution, and damage to the property of the operator. Coverage can include pollution, stuck drill stem, evacuation expense. Care, custody or control can de added by endorsement.

Blowout & Cratering

In the Oil & Gas production industry, blowout and cratering refers to uncontrolled eruption of oil, gas, water, or drilling fluid from a well that is in the of being drilled (blowout) or the caving in (cratering) of a well that has already been drilled.

Blowouts are generally caused by the penetration of a reservoir that contains gas or oil that is under higher pressure than has been allowed for; and often the oil or gas catches fire.

When a well craters, often the drilling rig itself goes under. Coverage for the insured’s liability for damage to property of others caused by the blowout or cratering is optional in the Commercial General Liability policy.


A common coverage in the energy industry is Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL), a contractor-based policy, offered on a claims-made or occurrence basis, that provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, defense, cleanup, and related costs as as a result of pollutions conditions (sudden/accidental or gradual) arising from contracting operations performed by on on behalf of the contractor.

Financial Assurance P-5 Bonds

In accordance with TX Statewide Rule 78, most Railroad Commission regulated activities, including the operation of wells and pipelines, require an organization to file and maintain some form of financial assurance in varying amounts. Click here for more details.