Bilingual Enrollment Services

Bilingual benefits enrollment services

Our bilingual benefits enrollment services for small business help you, the employer, increase participation in your benefits plans. Education is key to participation. Participation is a key factor in staying compliant with the new Affordable Care Act rules.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s report “The Hispanic Population: 2010“, there are more than 50 million people of Hispanic descent in the U.S., most of who grew up speaking Spanish as their first language. U.S. Hispanics accounts for more than 16% of the U.S. overall population.

In certain states that percentage is much higher: New Mexico 46%, California 37%, Texas 37% as well, Arizona 29%, Florida 22% and Colorado at 20%, among others. So it should be no surprise that companies are paying attention and have been offering assistance in Spanish for years: “para español marque 2”.

As an employer with a significant number of Spanish-speaking employees, providing benefits enrollment education in Spanish can significantly and positively affect plan participation and employee morale in employee morale.

The enrollment process can be confusing to most employees, English or Spanish speaking. Plan and coverage changes, even if they are to the  benefit to the employee, can cause hesitation to participate because of lack of understanding of these changes.

During our bilingual benefits enrollment process we go over:

  • Plan overview -features and benefits.
  • Coverage changes on medical, dental and vision.
  • Education and enrollment in life and disability coverage.
  • Introduction or review of voluntary benefits (enhanced benefits).
  • Enrollment in voluntary benefit -help close deductible gap.
  • 10 minute financial education presentation to help employees how their benefits have an impact on their financial lives.

One of primary benefits to your organization of having an enrollment specialist meet with each employee is explaining how to close coverage  gaps created by the increase in deductibles since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

A major medical emergency can force an employee and his or her family into a financial situation from which they may not recover for years.

Our bilingual enrollment services is part of our services when you bring us on board as your employee benefits broker. There is no added costs to you, just added service.

We will provide you with plan design, benefits education enrollment, outstanding service, objective advice.

Let ‘s find coverage that fits your needs