Business Impacted by Covid-19

Insurance Solutions For Business Impacted COVID-19

Is your business impacted by COVID-19?

There are two ways your business may have been impacted: 

Closed by government orders and directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19
COVID-19 impacted business
Your business is changing or growing to meet demand for new services.
COVID-19 Impacted business -delivery services

We are dedicated to customizing coverages to fit your changing needs. We are prioritizing submissions for COVID-19 related classifications and want to help support our communities & clients!

Businesses closed by government ordinance

Even though your business is not serving customers, your business overhead cost such as rent and insurance are still due. Yet, it is critical that you keep the protection against premises liability claims for slip & falls or other potential claims filed.

We can assist with the insurance part. Our Carriers are offering to provide an economical insurance solution for small businesses that are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 ordinance requirements.

Coverage Highlights:

      • General Liability and Incidental Property
      • 90 Policy Term
      • General Liability Limits $1M/$2M
      • General Liability flat charge ranges from $300 to $500 based on risk type
      • Property minimum premium is $100


      • Business is temporarily closed due to local, state or federal ordinance requirements around COVID-19 pandemic
      • Business must have had insurance coverage for the past three years
      • Average annual receipts of no more than $500K per  year prior to temporary shutdown.

Emerging or Changing Businesses
    • Clinical Research & Trials for COVID-19
    • Mobile Testing & Diagnostics
    • Manufacturers & Distributors of Medical Cleaning or Support Items
      • Medical Related Equipment including Ventilators, Gloves, Masks, Patient Monitoring, Protection Gear
      • Diagnostic Testing Kits, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals/Supplements
      • Hand Sanitizer (including alcohol based), Disinfectant Products, Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals

    • Last Mile Delivery
    • Hired and Non-Owned (Short term, now offering 3 month monoline or current policy endorsement options)
    • Temporary Staffing including Medical and Specialty Firms
    • Janitorial Services
    • Security
    • Environmental Contractors
    • Transportation of Hazardous Waste
    •  Home Based Businesses

Please let us know if we can assist your business with our innovative insurance solutions.